Ritva Official

Nov 26, 2020

1 min read

The Shift Toward a Cashless Society

In late 2019, the world had been taken over by a deadly virus in the blink of an eye. Undergoing the impact of the COVID-19, a lot of industries had been disrupted and stopped, resulting in people rethinking their attitude toward many things in life. Such prevailing questionable practices like telecommuting, or crypto payment have become of significant importance and are expected to remain present even after the pandemic ends.

Furthermore, it’s about time to get rid of cash — we have to take a step toward a new quality of life. Meanwhile, the blockchain field has also blossomed, as a new era requires more professionals in the field of distributed ledger technology. In today’s world, apps for interaction with the crypto world have become advanced and straightforward enough to enable the purchase of digital assets with just a credit card. Stablecoin wallets are in high demand, and this evident trend is no more a millennial-only kind of thing as institutions join the club in substantial numbers.