European startups have direct access to the world’s largest economy, of 500 million people and a GDP of €25,000 per head. Europe is also arguably a better platform to reach other markets around the world, including rapidly growing emerging markets in Africa and Asia. The EU is the top trading partner for an incredible 80 countries.

World-class companies are created by a combination of brains and technology, and Europe has more than enough of both to compete on a global scale. The continent is home to some of the leading tech and engineering universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College in the U.K., ETH Zurich, and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Previously dominated by London, Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, startups are now being originated all over Europe, creating a powerful interconnected ecosystem. Upcoming hubs, including Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, and Tallinn, are all growing rapidly and starting to attract investment, with plenty of room to grow.

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