Special Plan For Appreciating EURT in Value

As you may have known, EURT is a native token of RVChain. Therefore, once the RVChain goes live, all preminted ERC-20 EURT tokens shall be migrated to the RVChain. That is, all EURT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will be destroyed, and replaced by a newly minted counterpart on the RVChain.

The rest of the token supply is subject to mining. In another word, it is dedicated for rewarding network participants (or verifiers) who contribute their resources to verify the transactions on the RVChain. It is worth mentioning that all transactions incurred on the RVChain network shall be subject to transaction fee to be collected in EURT. A portion of the transaction fee is given to the network participants, while the other is burnt off. This token burn inevitably leads to the depreciation of token supply over time, which translates into an appreciation of the token price against fiat.