The distributed ledger technology has been widely hailed as the breakthrough technology. It has realised a significant number of application scenarios, and improved workflow of many domains. Nonetheless, there remain a few major concerns in adopting and deploying the distributed ledger technology at scale, in particular the throughput scalability and confidentiality protection for transactions.

In our research called RV-Chain, we take advantage of a trusted execution environment to offer confidentiality protection for transactions, and scale the throughput of the network in proportion with the number of network participants by supporting parallel shadow chains. To bring the RV-Chain to fruition, a strategic plan of development has been unveiled and divided into 5 different eras, namely ALUS — Foundation, KAAL — Scalability, SALADUS — Confidentiality, REKENDUS — Mass Adoption and ELAGU — Sustainability. Each era concentrates on a set of functionalities that will be delivered across multiple code releases. Although the phases of RV-Chain will be implemented consecutively, the work for each phase happens simultaneously, with research, prototyping and development proceeding all at once across different stages.

The work of each phase is clustered and introduced on its own page, demonstrating years in the making. An overview of the objectives of the phase will be presented. Furthermore, you will able to find descriptions of the critical functional factors and links to associated academic research, status updates, and even real-time code commits on our website at