Golden Time For Investing in Ritva

Starting from September 1st, each newly activated account is eligible to receive 350 EURT, less than 50 EURT in comparison with the prevailing policy. Furthermore, since August 1st, investors may withdraw a portion of their EURT (ranging from 5–10% as set forth in Ritva’s policy) per each pool-up occasion of pool 6 and above.

It is noteworthy that, investors investing in Ritva, generally, before the beginning of September are getting the most beneficial position in Ritva’s network, therefore, having gained advantages from the new policy. Not to be mentioned, since EURT is withdrawable and transactable, the stage of further development of EURT has come, resulting in value-increasing of EURT.

According to the latest announcement, however, there are more than 20 days remaining for anyone seeking the safe place to make a little investment like 200 Euro, Ritva is certainly your call right now.

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