It has been a common wisdom that as soon as a cryptocurrency is listed on a prestigious exchange, the token instantaneously enjoys a boost in its value, gaining significant exposure. Our beloved EURT is the latest crypto asset that experiences such euphoria, as it has been recently listed just a few hours ago on Crystal Exchange. Within the first 15 minutes since initial listing, the token price climbs to 3.5 USDT per EURT. For those that obtain EURT at the price of 0.6$/EURT via their early investing in the Ritva project, this high translates to a ROI of 5.8x. At the time of this writing, EURT price is stabilizing at 2.9 USDT, maintaining a substantial rise from the initial listing price of 1.13 USDT.

EURT is trending in a similar direction as other emerging DeFi tokens, which also enjoy significant boosts from their respective listing. For examples, JST rallied 55.45% in its first 15 minutes on Binance, or CRV jumping more than 5 times within the span of 5 minutes from its listing. It is worth noting that once these tokens have established their first highs, they start to dip and stabilize at more sustainable prices, which might even be lower than their initial listing prices. Nonetheless, tokens with great foundations shall eventually pick up their pace and shall appreciate in price. We expect EURT shall witness this pattern, steadily climbing once stabilized. It is not beyond reasonable expectation that EURT will surpass 5 or 10 USDT marks in the following months.

This listing and the 3.5 USDT mark are just the first few steps in our well and carefully prepared multi-facetted go-to-market strategy. We have been working diligently, and will continue to do so in our quest to maximize the potential of EURT. Do await for our many more great news.

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