London is recognized as a major edtech hub in the EU and is currently the only city to feature in the global edtech top 10 by investment. Last year, London-based edtech companies raised a total of €105 million in VC investment, ahead of Paris with €78.4 million and Berlin’s €57.1 million. London’s edtech ecosystem is also the largest in Europe, with an estimated value of €2.9 billion. Paris’s edtech ecosystem is worth €1.6 billion, while Berlin’s is €0.6 billion.

It’s also worth mentioning the role that Estonia’s government had at the start of the pandemic, as a designated “leading education nation in Europe”. Stepping up during the crisis, Estonia announced in March that it would share all of its digital education tools to support other countries’ education systems, shining a light on the countries’ brilliant edtech startups, such as 99 math. Initiatives like this certainly turned heads and garnered attention onto lesser known edtech innovation hubs and their startups.