In the world of digitalization, many academics and researchers are becoming increasingly interested in their digital identity. Being proactive about where and how they appear on the internet, it may bring them opportunities for collaboration and valuation contribution to their teaching as well as research work. And one of the biggest academic networking site which allows them to build their profile, to form collaborative partnerships with other researchers, and to ask and answer questions is

About Academia

Guided by a mission to accelerate the world’s research, aims to make every academic paper ever published available for free online and accessible by anyone in the world. was founded in 2008 in San Francisco by Richard Price who recognized the need for open access of scholarly work while he was a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Oxford University.

An enormous and prestigious community

In 2019, Academia announced that 75 million users had joined the world’s largest platform for free and open access to scholarly research. Over 70,000 new users join the platform everyday. Especially, Academia has been used by academics at 16,271 universities such as the University of Oxford, University of California- Berkeley, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Undoubtedly, Academia has been doing great in the process of creating a sphere where scholars meet.

Even though this is a huge community with thousands of researches available, it does not mean that any research can be published on the site. In an attempt to build a healthy networking site, Academia has created a list of strict policies for publishing their member’s studies. Fortunately, one of Ritva key researches has been available now on the site. You can have a look at our work:

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