London is recognized as a major edtech hub in the EU and is currently the only city to feature in the global edtech top 10 by investment. Last year, London-based edtech companies raised a total of €105 million in VC investment, ahead of Paris with €78.4 million and Berlin’s €57.1…

There is a significant amount of caution for the European VC market heading into Q3’20. Investors have slowed the pace of deal-making considerably, taking more time to conduct due diligence and commit funds — which will likely have an impact on both the number of VC deals and the level…

As you may all know, we rank our investors based on their minimum threshold, ranging from 6000 to 500,000. According to our prevailing policy, as soon as your account is activated, you are immediately eligible for your rank’s privileges lasting to the end of the month.

However, Ritva has made some adjustments along with the launch of the new rank — silver. Rank’s privileges as details below:

- Receiving a specific percentage of revenue incurred since you attained the rank

- Silver ranks’ privilege will last for 6 months.

- Other ranks will last for 3 months.

The European Commission will unveil this autumn its long-awaited proposal on cryptocurrencies in order to seize the opportunities brought by these tokens powered by networks of computers: these include lower fees and almost instant transactions. Europe will become the first major jurisdiction to regulate these new means of payment.

In the EU executive’s thinking, new rules won’t scare developers and investors away, but rather the opposite. By becoming the first region to put its house in order, the EU expects to attract a market worth almost $350 billion spread over more than 6,700 digital currencies.

The Commission expects to achieve the holy grail of rule makers: to come up with legislation that will not only protect customers but will also spur innovation by designing a clear framework.

Speaking of risk profiles, it makes sense to have some of your money secure in investments that pay a guaranteed amount. While it is also smart to put some in other more profitable possibilities that carry a higher risk, but the returns are genuinely fantastic. …

Ritva is developing a performative general-purpose blockchain platform that supports confidential transactions, called RVChain.


  • Efficiency and scalability: RV-Chain can process transactions almost at network speed and scale out near-linear with respect to the number of nodes joining the network.
  • Confidential transaction: Transaction on RV -Chain can be made secret. The public can verify that such transaction happens, and is valid, but no one can see the details of the said transaction


  • Leveraging TEE to boost the performance of consensus protocol, and at the same time providing confidentiality protection
  • Novel use of parallel shadow chains, and an algorithmic design to establish global order across those shadow chains.

With a top notch technology platform, transparent investment policies and precise and clear roadmap, Ritva brings investors wonderful experiences with stable profits. In addition, any participants investing in Ritva are able to take the opportunity to own EUR and EURT. EUR is a stablecoin maintaining a stable market price and not being controlled/ dominated by the volatility of the market, hence, this is also a stable liquidity.

Furthermore, EURT has been recently released on exchange, and EURT surged at 3.5 dollars just a few hours after being released. This means there will be a boom and bust of EURT price in the near future. Ritva has been building cryptocurrency coins and ecosystems so as to meet a variety of payment services demand for investors.

Ritva Official

Ritva is a financial investment platform established in Tallin, Estonia. Website:; Email:

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